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ADM is a world leader in agricultural commodity processing and distribution.  ADM believes that nature is the only source of renewable, sustainable value, and is a source of solutions to many of the world’s problems.

ADM is one of the world’s largest processors of soybeans, corn, wheat and cocoa and is a leader in soy meal, vegetable oil, ethanol, corn syrup and flour. We apply advancements in research and technology to agricultural products to unlock the potential of nature. However, we cannot achieve this goal alone. It takes cooperation and partnerships with you, our trading partners, to fully realize this goal.  The crops you produce and handle are at the core of our business.

We created e-ADM, a secure Internet web site that allows you access to your personalized ADM information including accounting, deliveries and marketing opportunities to help you fully achieve your goals. With your e-ADM account ADM Grain customers can access their contracts, settlements,truck unloads and much more; along with e-ADM finished goods customers accessing their contract shipments, contract balances, invoices due, open orders and much more of their ADM account information.  We will be continuously adding new features and functionality to the site, responding to the needs of our customers. 

e-ADM Benefits
ADM Grain Market Intelligence
ADM Location Grain Bids
ADM Location Grain and Meal Offers
Live Contract and Settlement Information
Live Truck Unload Information
Commodity Futures and Options Quotes
Market Calendars
Rail Bill of Lading Submission
ADM Finished Goods Customer Reports
ADM Product Technical Information
ADM Product Price Information
Current Loan Deficiency Payment Information
Commodity News
National Weather
Rail Invoice Submission
Open Order Information

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Please contact your local ADM location for more information about getting an e-ADM account.  For assistance with finding an ADM location near you, click on the ADM Location Search link below. 

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